Episode #10: Mirror is the New Black

A fictional series that is far closer to reality than we would like, Black Mirror has been hailed as the modern day Twilight Zone, as well as the dark look into the consequences if we ever weren't too careful with our zealous technological advancements. In this in depth look at the hit show which is making a return this year on Netflix, Jishnu and Tejas discuss Charlie Brooker's dystopian stories and compare it to real life events.

Episode #09: Recon Mission: IMAGICA

Last year at an undisclosed time the Geek Fruit team went on a black ops mission not to be revealed until now: a clandestine visit to the theme park known as IMAGICA. Did it hold up against their claim as an international standard theme and amusement park? Well if we told you, we'd have to kill you...
But yeah Jishnu and Tejas tell you and spill the beans on the bizzare wonder that is IMAGICA.

Episode #07: The Return of Schmuckin' Deadpool.

In this first of kind spoiler free episode, Jishnu and Tejas are joined by fellow Geek Fruit member Dinkar  as they discuss the brilliant but slightly frustrating premiere that was Deadpool. Almost expectedly the profane and irreverent nature of the action comedy brought out the best of Ryan Reynolds and the worst of the Censor Board and its head honcho Pahlaj Nahilani.