Episode #20: Age of Apocalypse

Jishnu here is mystique morphed into Jishnu pretending to be a movie-goer watching Apocalypse.

Hello there children of the atom!

This week on Geek Fruit we are breaking down the third installment of the prequel trilogy X-Men: Apocalypse. Whether you're a fan of the series or not, it is impossible to deny the X-Men's influence on the superhero genre, with the original being one of the first real entries of the same. With a huge cast, spanning multiple timelines, it seemed we had come to a finale of sorts with Apocalypse, but the end of this film has us thinking otherwise. Was it a hit or a miss? We go through it all in Juggernaut-heavy detail so beware of Spoilers!

No matter what the outcome remember: Mutant and Proud!