Episode #19: Legend of the Game Show

Olmec still lecturing us on how to live our lives.

It's Adventure Time- call all your friends!

This week's episode of the Geek Fruit Podcast has us throwback to the times of adventure shows. No, not reality shows, not survivor, not idol, just plain good old fashioned adventure game shows, where we can all relax and watch the nameless contestants fail spectacularly, in contests of physical and mental challenge which we all thought we could best- sitting in the comfort of our homes of course.

That's right! We are talking about two classic shows which all us MILLENIALS (Yes we didn't know that we were) remember fondly from the nineties, namely Channel 4's The Crystal Maze, and Nickolodean's The Legend of the Hidden Temple. Both are making a somewhat return if not in the original format, and in this episode we dissect the shows structure and the reason for their untimely demise. We discuss hosts Richard O' Brian and Kirk Fogg and their respective futures, as well as the reason why they resonated so well with the people who watched them at the time.

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- Tejas