Episode #15: The Evolution of Man-cubs.

Welcome to the Jungle! To be completely honest, even though I am a huge fan of the original (who isn't?) I had no real expectations for the live-action remake of the Jungle Book. However I was pleasantly surprised as to how well adapted this was from its original. Not straying too far from the original beats of the story, while at the same time adding some darker elements and fresh changes, Jon Favreau has done a great job at re-telling a classic. 

In this episode though Jishnu and I went beyond our required review of the movie, and spoke about the original 1967 classic Disney adaptation, and then went one deeper and talked about the Rudyard Kipling book, all while examining the elements that have endured through the ages. This one is full of facts you didn't know about the Man-cub and his friends we all love so well.

See you next week with an extra special episode of table top games. 

- Tejas