Episode #14: Rebel One

Rebel Fleet! We're back this week with an episode about a show that is must watch for all Star Wars fans: the excellent Star Wars Rebels!

In this episode we talk about why you probably shouldn't dismiss this animated show, even though it is aimed at a younger audience an airs on Disney XD. In fact, Jishnu and I were completely taken aback at how dark this show really gets, sometimes even going to places where the movies dare not to. The morally grey area of war and its consequences, redemption and catharsis are the themes of this amazing second season of Rebels, with increasingly difficult circumstances for our heroes. The season finale simply takes your breath away and the stakes are as high as any of the films. A definite must watch. Also we talk ties to Rogue One, Clone Wars and the Han Solo spin off film.

Let us know your thoughts! Exciting news for next weeks show, so stay tuned!

- Tejas