Episode #09: Recon Mission: IMAGICA

My my, lucky you. Two back to back Recon Missions for your aural pleasure. And maybe oral, if your into that. But HI GEEK FRUITS! 

This week we dive back into our own memories, not unlike Jim Carrey a la Eternal Sunshine; to talk about an offsite that the Geek Fruit team had late last year to IMAGICA! Imagica has been all over the billboards in Bombay and Pune claiming to be an international standard amusement park. So we decided to check it out if it was simply, legit or not. The only problem is that we did the trip without having a hugely successful podcast at the time to really speak about it and discuss it at length. 3 months later and we have the behemoth of a content vehicle to speak our hearts out, but the problem now is to recall those finer details that made it so... well, memorable! To that end, in this episode we played back audio clips which we recorded of ourselves at Imagica, only to comment on ourselves recording said clips. Weird? Not as much as when we heard this episode back, to listen to ourselves, listening to ourselves. Ah, I love the meta world. 

Imagica was as interesting an experience as it gets, and if you listen to this episode you will know why. Even before you dive into it, I'd at the outset itself, highly recommend it to anyone who wants some kicks and a genuinely unique experience. Go with friends and alcohol.

- Tejas