Episode #12: A Season in Hell's Kitchen.

Hello Netflix bingers! Christ I know I am, and before I take the lords name in vain, he should still know that finishing 13 hour-long episodes in the span of 48 hours to then be discussed continuously for 90 minutes, is nothing short of a miracle. We're talking about Marvel's hit show Daredevil! An amazingly underrated character from Marvel's rich repertoire, who was resurrected from B-list status since his fall from grace via Ben Batfleck. Who has since gone onto star and be part of another ruined franchise, but that's just me. 

Charlie Cox is back as the titular character who has bigger threats like the Punisher and Elektra to deal with, as Jishnu and I power through all the good and bad of the entire season. SPOILERS in this episode so heed my word!

We also kind of went into Civil War territory cause how could we not! So be prepared, this is a long one. 

 - Tejas