Episode #11: Geek Fruit: A XXX Parody

Alright, it's time to address this. Growing up pre-Game-of-Thrones and Avengers franchise explosion, being a nerd was not really sexy. It was a super lonely road you had to walk alongside Billy Joe Armstrong and there was little action you got from that guy. Well, there's no shame in admitting that everyone watches porn, so do I, and on this very nerdy forum is the place I will address it for the first time. But for geeks, even the porn is something we pay close attention, in terms of story and characters. Now I know what your thinking, story and characters? Yeah I know. But fear not, the geeks have found the most interesting version of porn for your very literal viewing pleasure.

Porn Parodies have been around for as long as their regular boring SFW counterparts have. According to Jishnu: (expert on said subject matter) if the superhero and geek idea exists, chances are there an exponential amount of porn versions of the same floating out in the web multiverse, patiently waiting to be illegally viewed in between a marathon binge or sick MMORPG sesh. 

The other side of this already nerdy conversation is something I have been closely...well an avid fan of: EROTIC FAN FICTION. Now really, the detail in this amazing literature is so rich with detail and analysis ripped from their original counterparts, that they could have only been written by nerds...for nerds. As a fan of good storytelling this stuff is extremely well written, right through to the well documented business time that happens between a variety of our favourite characters including Spock/Kirk, Harry/Hermione, Obi-Wan/Padme?! Yup, its messed up. But there you have it.

In our episode we document our extended research into the respective fields and give you the chance to make your own expedition and go where pretty much every man and woman and horny teenager has gone before.

- Tejas