Episode #5: The First Lady of S.H.I.E.L.D

Hello Geek Fruits!

It's time for another staggeringly beautiful episode of the Geek Fruit Podcast with Jishnu and me, Tejas. This week we discussed Agent Carter because honestly, why aren't we? And like society? This is a really good show that deserves a whole episode because of a number of reasons with the number one reason being Hayley Friggin Atwell. She is arguably one of my favourite characters from television let alone the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a single character she conveys her grace, extremely sharp wit and intelligence, all while kicking Hydra and Leviathan Arse. I'm not sure how Wonder Woman is going to turn out, but I hope the only that makes her an empowered woman in media is that she kicks ass. Personally I've always liked women who are edgy and super sharp as well as fallible, because that's makes it all the more real, also one of the reasons Krysten Ritter's performance stood out for me in Jessica Jones last year (Hurrah for Season 2!). Hayley Atwell's continuing good performance in Season 2 of Agent Carter has got us discussing the key figures in this season and how its going to connect to the ultimate formation of SHIELD. 

This episode also marks the end of a internal battle Jishnu has been harbouring over a movie he couldn't remember the title of as a kid. TIME BANDITS Jishnu. I hope you are happy now!

Also the Superbowl happened and we got this trailer beautiful new Captain America: Civil War TV Spot; another movie tie-in from Agent Carter that we discuss in this episode. Will Sharon Carter appear? Will she be related to Peggy? Is Peggy Tony Stark's mom!? 

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- Tejas