Episode #08: Recon Mission: Comic Con Express Pune 2016

Hello Geeks!

Last weekend we de-virginized Jishnu who has never been for a con before. Granted, it was the mini Comic Con experience (aptly titled Comic Con Express) but for the newly uninitiated, not unlike many from Pune who attended their first Comic Con, it was quite the adventure. Our travel to Pune was at warp speed minus 40 thanks to an unexpected oil rig accident that kept us boiling in the unaptly titled 'cool cab'; but with a will as strong as some Punekars cosplay skillz, we ultimately made it to the Deccan College grounds before Day 1 was complete.

You can read my full write-up of the event here, as well as check out the photos in our new gallery section. The rest is as always, best left to a long winding discussion that Jishnu and I have on today's episode.

If you were there and had any comments, drop us an owl at contactgeekfruit@gmail.com!

So long till next week, and thanks for all the fish.

- Tejas