Episode #07: The Return of Schmuckin' Deadpool.

Hey Fruits!

The year has well begun and we're already at our first major Superhero film of 2016. Deadpool is goddamn everywhere, man. From really kickass marketing to promote this rare R-Rated superhero franchise, to Former Green Lantern (Heh) Ryan Reynolds literally slaying in this role he was born to play, Deadpool has surprised pretty much everyone in becoming an underdoggish breakout film so early in the year. In this SPOILER FREE episode Dinkar, Jishnu, and I spoke about what made this film really special while at the same time identify the big elephant in the room, Pahlaj Nihalani: the big boss man at the CBFC. We at Geek Fruit have made it no secret that we are no fans of convenience based and half-assed censorship regulations, and I'm sure it's something Wade Wilson wouldn't stand for either. Censorship in this country is inconsistent as well as annoying and that bothers any passionate film-goer, nerd or not. It makes it hard to do our jobs as the psuedo-journalists we may be but most importantly it keeps us from being passionate about the things we love and create, and truly, that's a big bummer. Boo you, Pahlaj. 

Deadpool's character has ironically become almost a role model for anti-censorship and we just decided that these two topics go together. Also what about that Tinder upgrade? And do you say Gif? or Gif?

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Later gators.