Episode #6: Love in the Time of Multiverse

I've always felt that even though geeks can be possessive, snobbish, and hipster about the way we approach our lifestyle, deep down inside we are all lovers! Passion is always what is driving a geek to spend those extra hours on a cosplay mash-up that maybe 3 and 1/2 people might get, or even go late into the night to finish 400 episodes of Bleach so that he can have a discussion with that girl who is super into anime. Whatever the case may be, Geeks are lovers not fighters (except in gaming where we love to fight...to love) and so we decided for this Valentine's Day, we should do an episode on our favourite Sci-fi/Fantasy Couples. Jishnu and I picked our weirdest and favouritest romances on screen and page to come up with a list worthy of any true nerdlover's attention.

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