Episode #4: Small Screen Heroes

Hello again Geek Fruits. I'm trying to make that a thing. Geek Fruit? I dunno. Well, the domain has been bought so we can rethink it in a year.

But more importantly: TELEVISION! And the net television stuff. Like Netflix. Is it still television if its based out of the web? A relevant question that Jishnu and I discussed this week on the Geek Fruit Podcast, as well as the status of Superheroes on the small screen. Since television has been taken way more seriously in the last decade, with higher budget and A-lister casts, the distinction between television and movies has really been blurred. Since then, we have been getting some quality storytelling especially in the superhero space, where networks have really exploited their target audiences to tell the story of their choice with the characters that fit their dynamic. Take Flash on the CW for example, which is pretty much a rom-com but with 'meta-humans'. I'm so glad that it doesn't take it self super-seriously; an honestly refreshing change from the gritty reboots we have been seeing post-Nolan. Also something its sister series Arrow, didn't really get. Flash sits so much better on the CW with its younger audience, it's no surprise its doing well.

Anyway, the rest of the shows and its characters are discussed on this weeks episode, and as always for all comments and suggestions you can leave em below or mail us at contactgeekfruit@gmail.com

- Tejas