Episode #3: By Grabthar's Hammer Alan Rickman will be avenged!

Hello Nerds. We're back again this week with an episode that honours the great man that was Alan Rickman. With excellent turns in several different genres Rickman never failed to disappoint with his dry wit and delivery, of which we try and possibly successfully emulate! From Comedy to Drama this stage veteran easily transitioned to screen and managed to take a big bite out of pop culture pie. We also discuss the Oscars eventually, since that really was supposed to be the topic of the episode, however we kept getting distracted by the wonderful Dinkar Dwivedi, fellow geek fruit conspirator and overall best Alan Rickman impersonator. He joins us this week to discuss the films that made the nominations as well as the sci-fi flick we were most disappointed with, that actually did! The Martian, I'm looking at you man. You sly Musical or Comedy, you.

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Later geeks!