Episode #0: The Origin Story

Every good story I have really been invested in has had a great beginning. I actually even became a nerd reading comics and watching sci-fi movies as a kid, but what made those stories stay with me was the great logic or compelling reason for them to exist in the first place! Bruce Wayne had the tragedy of his parents, Peter Parker was the little wallflower who could, and the Skywalkers had the prequels- I think you get it. 

Our story is far less interesting I'm afraid. It's really about how a few nerds in Bombay decided to take their passion of over-analyzing story and character details from their favourite pop culture sagas and make a serious commitment to now over-analyze at a professional, well designed and marketed scale, so maybe people will actually take us seriously. This podcast is are very first attempt at documenting our rants. Our first topic: Star Wars!

Whatever you really need to know about the people in and behind the podcast, and the podcast itself, is well, in the damn podcast. So listen! And share if your geek, we really cannot do this without more people telling other people how terrible we actually are, and that they could do it far better.

Okay we're going to go fix the hyperdrive now. 

Later, Geek Fruits.

- Tejas Menon