3 Time Travel Films in Less Than 20 Minutes

We love time travel around here, so much so we did a whole episode of the Geek Fruit Podcast on our favourite time travel movies that you can listen to right here.

But time is finite, and if you're looking for a quick time travel movie fix, here are 3 shorts that you can watch right now, in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Friends. And if you are watching an episode of Friends, well then hello time-traveller from 2001!

1. One-Minute Time Machine (5:40)

You don't always have to travel to the distant past or the mysterious future, you know. In this hilarious and sweet little short, a man has a time machine that sends him back exactly one minute in time, and uses it to try and get a girl. Like a game that sends you back to the start every time you mess up, our man keeps getting further and further, until a revelation that shakes up his whole universe(s). It's got a clever idea and a dark twist, but really, it's just very funny.

2. Therefore I Am (6:36)

Unlike the Grandfather Paradox, where there is just one 'you', in the many worlds theory (a for-real scientific interpretation of quantum mechanics, by the way) there are several alternate versions of you from different time lines. So how should you feel about these alternate versions of yourself? Should you care about them? Do you have a responsibility towards them?

Therefore I Am explores these heady questions in just over six minutes. A man visits a past version of himself to try and avert an incident that ruined his life. It's too late for him, but perhaps this young version of him can make things turn out better. But the past version doesn't believe him, the incident happens anyway, and he lives with regret. Then he goes back to warn yet another version of himself. It's exactly as trippy as it sounds, and Therefore I Am pulls it off with great style.

3. Time Trap (7:46)

Time Trap plays out like a zany, live action sci-fi version of a Looney Tunes cartoon. A goofy looking future astronaut of some sort runs into an asteroid belt and crashes on a deserted planet. An inspection reveals that a couple of crucial parts of his spaceship are damaged, leaving him stranded. But our hero has a device that casts a portal into the past of wherever he is, and now he's got to use it to find replacements for the parts he needs.

Completely dialogue free, Time Trap has a strong visual style, with hilarious comic timing, and VFX that could rival many big budget features.

Scribe: Dinkar Dwivedi

Captain's Log: Dinkar Dwivedi is chief Towel Owner at Geek Fruit, and he tweets observations about the present occasionally.