Where Did Pokémon GO? 6 Reasons A Dedicated Trainer Stopped

6th July, 2016. I was in the USA when the ultimate nerd-bomb exploded, and I jumped in for the candy. Pokémon GO broke the Internet, hell, it broke itself and with good reason. It didn’t matter if it was buggy or crashed ten times a minute while you played. This was your ticket to earning badges and becoming a Pokémon Master!

The internet's general reaction.

The internet's general reaction.

Almost a year later, I have the app on my phone and I can’t remember the last time I opened it.

What happened? Well, life. But apart from that, a number of things about the game itself slowly made me develop an “eh, whatever” attitude to something that once made motorists scream at me. Here’s my list of why I think the Pokémon GO craze is dying out:

1. Higher levels, lower promotions

I literally stopped playing after Level 20 because well, let’s face it; I didn’t have the patience to rake up the horrendously large amount of XP required to advance to Level 21. Then double that for Level 22. Hatching eggs and catching more Pokémon so that I could just transfer them off really didn’t seem enticing. Nor were the other ways of gaining XP. Speaking of eggs…

2. Scrambled eggs

Hatching eggs was a task in itself. I really needed more than one or two incubators to convince myself to find out what Pokémon was inside. Plus, most of them were 2 km eggs anyway, so the prospect of hatching a Pidgey or a Caterpie with a CP lower than the legal age for alcohol wasn’t very exciting.

For adoption. Answers to the name of Caterpie. Great with kids.

For adoption. Answers to the name of Caterpie. Great with kids.

3. Repetition, repetition

The thing about catching wild Pokémon is that there were too many of one kind. In my case it was Pidgeys. I’d already evolved a ton of them and had like, five Pidgeots. What would I do with five Pidgeots? Transfer them and get 3 more candy and a bit more XP? Nah, that’s like the worst bargain ever.

4. PokéBaller

TBH, the only thing I was doing was stopping at PokéStops and collecting PokéBalls and potions. And after a point you get rather irritated doing just that and not finding too many non-repetitive Pokémon. It seems like a rather pointless reason to keep playing, especially when you run out of bag space.

5. Update too late

The one bone of contention I still hold against Pokémon Go is the speed and the quality of their updates. I for one, get super pissed when I see a notification for an app update only to find that it's' for “bug fixes.” Yeah, right, cuz there aren’t enough Caterpie in the game already. And by the time the update for the second-generation Pokémon rolled out, well, I was too tired to play again.

6. No trading zone

For reasons unbeknownst to all, Niantic failed to make the Pokémon GO experience feel super personal. Peer-to-peer trading and battling would’ve NAILED this game. Trust me, I could get through all of the issues above if only this had been included. But it seems like they’re pulling a Mewtwo here. It’s only the stuff of legends. Well, count me in as a non-believer. (Are there such things as agnostics when it comes to Mewtwo sightings?)

Scribe: Sooraj

Captain's Log: Sooraj once cosplayed as Ash, and he makes music which you can check out on his Facebook page or YouTube channel.