Established as soon as the teardrop hit the ground after seeing The Force Awakens trailer at Celebration 2015, Geek Fruit began when 4 nerds decided, "Hey it's a great time to be a nerd". The truth is, its always been a great time to be a nerd. But we just wanted to nerd out publicly and share the joy of it with more people. Plus we hope to make this into something of a community, and that's where you come in! But in any case, find below the geeks who are proudly holding the flag moderately-to-not-that-high so cool kids can't see us too well.

Jishnu Guha. Protocol Droid.

Jishnu Guha is a core member of Geek Fruit, and is too busy playing Marvel: Contest of Champions to look up from his screen right now. You can follow him on Twitter @jishnuguha

Tejas Menon. Hyperdrive Engineer.

Tejas spends his time making music, writing for Geek Fruit and playing classic LucasArts point-and-click adventure games.  You can find him on twitter at @tejasmenon or on instagram at @tejasmenon1989. Listen to him on the Geek Fruit Podcast on Saavn weekly.

Dinkar Dwivedi. Towel Owner.

As a professional television show producer and musician, Dinks wields several key infinity gems and puts them to good use at Geek Fruit HQ. You can stalk him on Twitter @dinksthinks

Basabdatta Dasgupta. Dinosaur Supervisor.

Basab spends her time obsessively consuming a higher class of pop culture, and wishing someone would gift her a time turner. Also, she watches Legends of Tomorrow. Follow her on instagram @_starfighterpilot_

Nerds Unite!