Origin Story

Three guys from Bombay decided that the moment The Force Awakened in 2015, and Star Wars reared its complicated and beautiful head back into the multiverse; it was time for nerds everywhere to unite. But what do third culture kids who have grown up in different parts of the planet do when the want to express their thoughts and more importantly terribly incorrect hot takes on all things geeky? Even more importantly where do they do this? 


Anyway long story short, Jishnu Guha, Dinkar Dwivedi and Tejas Menon started Geek Fruit. A small but ambitious channel, that houses are various forays into programming for all the nerds in India. An official podcast, The Nerditorium, Under The Hood on Book My Show, Geek Fruit Cantina, Super Scary Awesome; whatever our ways to reach out are, be sure to look out for fun, positive, and interesting ways to stay in touch with pop-culture.